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Dog Friendly Studio

At Mountolive Studio we do not discrimate against any type of dog breed, nature, age, shape or size. All dogs are welcome. If you have a reactive/unsociable/grumpy dog please let us know via text upon arrival so we can be extra accommodating for your furbaby. 


Your dog's comfort 

For your dog's comfort we have:

  • Raised large dog bed 

  • Dog sheets and toys 

  • Dog bowls 

  • Doggie door 


Your dog's safety

For your dog's safety, we have four fully enclosed dog areas:

  • Palm court attached to the studio 

  • BBQ area attached to the studio 

  • A 875 spm dog  enclosure (35 m x 25 m) next to BBQ area

  • A 126 spm dog fenced area (18 m x 7 m)

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Your dog's fun

For your dog's fun we have:

  • Free dog treats on arrival

  • Winter creek and dam 

  • Swimming pool (dogs allowed)

  • Four private tracks 

  • Free dog toys and tennis balls 

  • 20 private acres to run and play 

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